Sunday, January 8, 2017

Need for January

I need about $500 for the month of January, if you can help out please use the PayPal button on the left.  Many thanks to all of you who helped out in December!   Google ads are getting next to nothing in what they pay these days I am may remove them entirely soon.  I am not too thrilled at enriching Google anymore with very little sharing of the revenue.

I had one guy who wanted to send a donation via Bitcoin in December, for those who are Bitcoin afficiandos,  if you go to the tab at the top of the page, the BITCOIN address for donations is in there. I think I have only ever had two of those since 2012.

Much is going to happen very rapidly now.  May be a bit of a quick white water ride for a bit.  The controllers have made their choice, answering that age old question of Shakespeare... TO BE OR NOT TO BE...  Didn't have to go that way.  But we are all so ready for better times and more joyful circumstances!

Galactics are seeing "BUBBLES" form between the realms between them and us, indicating their isolation may be about to end.  MUCH IS CHANGING.

Max Keiser Interviews Adam Curry

Antarctica Video

Some interesting data on Antarctica.  Use discernment... as to some details...

GAIA PORTAL: Preludes have finished

Preludes have finished
by √ČirePort

Preludes have finished.

Marshalls are released.

Statics are removed.

Gaia flows enrich the New Earth.

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