Monday, October 31, 2016

Session with Loie on October 30, 2016
Seeing a Sphere coming into view
in a future moment in Texas

Loie: Bill, nice work, dear! Loie.

Bill: Thank you! I was hoping to learn more we will chat again! Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill I have an important visual for you. When you are ready.
Feel me?

Bill: I felt you had something important

Loie: Yes, love.

Bill: Yes feel you very clearly tonight perhaps because I'm rested

Loie: Boosting the flow now, love! Follow the flow.

Bill: Should I describe or keep to myself?
Flow is growing

Loie: As you feel, love. Transparency is perfect. But privacy is respected, too.

[a short session regarding another person's rather exceptional childhood redacted for privacy]

Loie: Feel me, Bill? I am with you.

Bill: Yes I feel you that set of images faded

Loie: Ready for one more?

Bill: Yes

Loie: Boosting the flow, dear.

Bill: Seeing flowers and plant life much like Texas

Bill: I feel Riggolts yellow submarine but not getting a full image it's behind trees

Bill: I see [redacted] and Beverly

Bill: Seems like we are waiting for something there are outdoor lawn chairs [bit of tailgating party
behind the "Yellow Submarine"]

Bill: Feels like we are watching a sphere come into view yet the yellow submarine is behind us like Riggolt is with us

Sphere Alliance Message #213
Open Line with the Child Caregivers,
Galactic Incubators

Image from the anime Dragonball Z
the image I saw was horizontal, but similar

Denice: How are you?

Bill: Okay. Slept for about 4 hrs. You?

Denice: Great!!
Lots of energy here! You must have been working😊

Bill: I got to bed late then woke at 6 am

Denice: 😊

Bill: I went out like a light. Tremendous amount of energy came through
Like what comes thru at night.

Bill: Not sure why more comes thru when I lay down or maybe I just notice it more?

Denice: Nice!

Bill: Body feels like wind turbulence going thru it at times

Denice: My feet are vibrating.

Bill: Lose you?

Denice: Here.

Bill: Hi ... sleepy? We can work tomorrow

Denice: I have some time. Not asleep yet😊

Bill: Here or Skype

Denice: Here if that is ok?

Bill: 👍 Heather suggested I read the Toning article

Bill: Open lines tonight? To those of good intent!

Denice: Oh. Did not read that one. [article] 😊Sure! Open lines! Lol! The gang is all here. [A crowd of people wanting to chat]

Bill: Pick one!

Denice: There seems to be a group of nursery workers. Babies😊

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