Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Work with Loie on 9/12/2016 - An upcoming announcement...

Terran note: This appears to be an upcoming announcement Loie makes for the planet.  I did not see the announcement, just the before and after... seems that is yet a surprise for me too..., I just know I arrive and depart with her.  In the "NOW" I think its already happened I just haven't caught up with it yet.   That's all I can tell you about it.  My sense is billions of people see the announcement.  I got the sense I spoke briefly but my role is minor in this.  My sense is the announcement is on Earth, given the automobiles I rode in and architecture.  I am not sure why I was shown this except to be prepared for it.  There was a huge sense of joy afterwards like eons of work had been completed in probably the most complex acts of creation ever carried out.

Terran: Loie can we do some heart work?

Loie: Bill I am with you. Yes, dear.  Ready for the flow? Loie.

Terran: Yes, energies are very high in me already but your energy is very calming

Loie: When you are ready, follow the flow, to where ever you desire to go.  A new prospect? I love you, Loie.

Terran: More of that please! 😊

Terran: Great energy

Loie: Here we go, love!  Loie.

Terran: (heart)

Terran: That is not describable but feels like it's shifting something inside my abdomen/torso!

Loie: Yes, dear. On occasion, words are not enough.  Loie.

Terran: It's like an upwelling?

Loie: Allow the flow.  No expectations. All is perfect.  Follow the flow and find more surprises, now. Loie.

Terran: I see some houses a river or stream very green looks bit like suburban WA or OR

Not an exact representation of the face, 
but close to the hair style and general
 features.  Elegant and playful.
Terran: I see a woman in very stylish black dress, [something a woman with an important message to impart might wear, not exactly business wear but something a diplomat might wear]  with a red edges to it. She's very beautiful, again blonde but different hair [different woman]. She's very stunning and elegant [in hair, poise, and facial features]

Loie: Feel who she is, Bill. Now feel in your heart and feel all. Loie.

Terran: I think she's you!  [I have seen this form before but in pigtails at a beach house, first time I have seen her in formal wear]

Terran: Based on her energy

Loie: Let's go! Loie.

Terran: Flawless skin really quite something to behold

Terran: Go where?

Loie: Bill, follow the flow.  Let's go where the flow goes.  Loie.

Terran: Ok

Denice: (major deja vu moment here for me -- Denice)

Terran: I've only seen women from Alaska or New Zealand with that flawless kind of skin

Terran: We are going into an auditorium, oddly enough academic feel

Terran: It shifted to a wider and less lit venue

Terran: It feels like you are going to give a speech and I'm there for some reason...

Terran: This feels historical and televised?

Denice: (i just got a short visual of childrens abc wooden blocks in a pyramid being knocked over 3 bottom, 2 middle, one top)

Terran: There is also a small orchestra here

Terran: I seem to be like Nabrac in appearance I have wavy black hair

Terran: There are maybe a dozen chairs on the stage

Terran: In a row we are sitting in two side by side

Terran: We might be early

Terran: Having trouble holding the image everything is like wavy from energy no distinct edges

Loie: Perfect, Bill. All is flowing.  No pressure, love!  Loie.

Terran: I have a soaring feeling in my heart I don't know why

Loie: Breathe, dear.  Allow it to flow.  You are safe.  I am with you.  Simply allow the flow from your heart into the ALL. Loie.

Terran: I flowed it [the energy] out but had a jump moment that startled me

Terran: Maybe a surge

Terran: I go back into heart lost the image

Loie: Yes, Bill. I am with you, Dear.  Loie.

Loie: You are doing perfectly.  I love you. Loie.

Terran: Seems like you and I are in. Limo driving away from whatever event that was. Lots of flashing cameras and people in formal wear, I guess I missed the middle part

Loie: Bill, for another moment.  A surprise, perhaps?

Terran: Terran: Could be!

Loie: Shall we continue?

Loie: Into the flow if you feel to?

Terran: Yes

Terran: Feels very happy in the car

Terran: A lot of love

Terran: Your beaming joy

Terran: Very nice look Loie, this form of yours

Loie: Thank you, Dear!

Terran: I think I have Galactics walking on my roof lol

Terran: Someone is up there [we learned this morning it was a baby Yeti climbing about.  We have Yeti again and now the Fae who followed our guest here.]  

Loie: Yes, dear.  And more surrounding you than you can imagine. Loie.

Terran: I thought it was squirrels but much to heavy for squirrels!

Terran: You know Loie it would be fun to hang out with you! I never got to know you much in this life

Loie: Yes, Bill. So much more fun awaits us ALL.  Ready to go with the flow once more?

Terran: Yes let's go with the flow!

Terran: Is this event soon?

Terran: Can you send that energy again?

Loie: I am sending you more energy, love.  A bit different in octaves. Loie.

Terran: Yes it's has a texture I like that a lot!  [I cannot even describe these energies, how do you compare something that you have never experienced before?]

Terran: You have a different dress on, formal but a lighter material black chiffon or silk, goes good with blonde hair sleeves have diamonds of black cloth with open parts that come just below the elbow kind of an iris flare to the end of the sleeve very elegant

Terran: Back of the dress is black diamonds

Terran: Draped down the back, tasteful and elegant

Terran: Actual diamonds not cloth

Terran: I see something like a cruise boat but I'm not sure it's boat as its hanging in the air? Dry dock?

Terran: I think it's about to go in the water there's a passage out to the sea from here might be a party

Terran: The light is purple pink sun is going down

Terran: It's a big yacht with a swimming pool on the deck! How cool!  [This appears to be one of the parties that is about to happen]

Terran: Seeing an empty party room has kind of a light grey pattern chairs it's not been set up yet

Terran: I see some kids in chairs practicing a music piece there are rehearsing a part where they clap their hands to the music

Terran: Oh... Loie! Love you! [Loie shared a surprise set of images... which I did not expect.... I won't spoil it... nobody expects this... I know I didn't...]

Loie: Yes, Dear. You know I love you.  Rest now.  And we will meet again when you feel to.  Loie.

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