Friday, June 3, 2016

THE EARTH PLAN: Personal Update: Part 1 of 2

Chaoticat Creations

Personal Update: Part 1 of 2 
3 June 2016

Chaoticat Creations

This should have been written some days ago ~ let's just say the Spirit was willing but the body was not :) In this first part, I'll describe a vision, followed by two related dreams. I'll continue with the second part tomorrow.


Everyone knows about the Galactic Wave, Cosmic Wave, Super Wave, Wave X or some other version of "wave".

However, the vision that presented to me was no wave. It was a humongous Vortex, completely engulfing the Planet. I guess "vortex" doesn't sound as elegant as "wave", but there you go. It looked utterly other-worldly and felt profoundly transformational. I felt a sense of completion, very satisfying indeed. And I kept getting the words "It is done!".

(Note: It's interesting that after writing this post, I looked around for a suitable image. I found this, liked it and went to its source page. It's called "Spiral Wave Mandala" by Chaoticat Creations.....there's both the "wave" and the "spiral" ~ vortex ~ .....just perfect!)

What's With All The Busy-ness?

I know several people are having this sense of busy-ness during dream-state, so this will definitely sound familiar. I've woken up from dreams where I know for sure that many things happened, and while in the dream, I'm definitely aware of all that is occurring. But once I wake up, I remember nothing. Even when I try to recall what happened, I draw a blank. All I know is that there's much going on with lots of people in the dream. Everything is crystal clear right up until the moment of waking. Then I get nothing.

This has been the case over several nights, not all of which are consecutive. Thankfully I don't get too exasperated ~ it's like the Grace-me isn't supposed to know what happened.

Then a few days ago I was allowed a peek into the busyness; it wasn't much, but it was nevertheless interesting. I saw scores and scores of vehicles that looked like a cross between a sports car and a space shuttle coming up to a huge glassy building. Several others were already parked in front, all with various colours but similar type of design.

I got the sense that they were there to attend some sort of conference or meeting regarding something very important. And that was all I could remember.

Part 2 to follow.....Namaste!

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