Saturday, January 21, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Portals of determination clarify to all

Portals of determination clarify to all
by ÉirePort

Portals of determination clarify to all.

Inner Visions guide the Heralds.

Deft parables are released.

The blind lead the blind, as the cliff approaches.

Eyes that see, share their views.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Friendlies are assembled as Unity arises

Friendlies are assembled as Unity arises
by ÉirePort

Friendlies are assembled as Unity arises.

Collaborations of Higher Light support the causes.

Destinies of all proceed direct.

Fantasies are dropped as the Real within expands.

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Clif High on David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake

Clif High on David Wilcock, Ben Fulford and Drake

This is a fascinating interview by Red Ice with Clif High on January 16th. He discusses at length his misgivings with the information coming from David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake.  Many of the points he makes are very salient ones.

Clif's take on Ben Fulford is interesting in the regard that he has a martial artist background for most of his life, he's trained in Judo, Karate, and Akido at many dojos.  I had a banker compliance officer contact me a few years ago who had both martial arts and Yakuza connections tell me Ben didn't know what he was talking about when it came to the martial arts societies and the Yakuza, and he even expressed those views directly to Ben in a telephone call.  I learned from another source that one of the Yakuza sidelines is to laundry dodgy financial paper.

Clif goes into some details in his own personal history, such as his grandfather shooting himself with a shotgun when the bankers took the family farm in Missouri during the 1930s depression.  His father was lifer in the military, eventually promoted to a White House Aide, and then when confronted with some covert details about the Chicago democratic convention riots in the Johnson administration volunteers to leave a cushy DC job and go to Vietnam.  All this history I have not heard mentioned before. 

I have always liked Clif's work, he's  a linguist he picks up trends using AI tools in the language coming from social media and web sites. He's really measuring "THE ALL" as it awakens on Earth.

In the early 90s I reverse engineering a human language translation system built in the 1960s that had no documentation, from IBM 370 assembly language into the C language which was ported to UNIX. That system was later used by Google until 2009 for its language translation system.  Google has since developed their own.  Its still in use by other search engines. I found working with linguists to very very fascinating.  I never met a group of beings quite so unique.  Clif's work crosses the border from programming into linguistics in a way I did not, so I respect his skills in that regard immensely.

This video calls Clif the smartest man in the world, but I think he'd be a bit more modest about that.

I have a few disagreements which are minor in regards to how the banking systems work, and on the issues of karma and the Bardo, which were part of the soul/essence trap (now offline) which David Icke has mentioned, using implied consent really, of beings that were recycled back into the Earth sphere through various religious beliefs about the afterlife and the need to work off a perceived "debt" to a God.

Be that as it may its a very timely video well worth a listen as to Clif's own perspective on these gentlemen (which are all well intentioned). 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished

Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished
by ÉirePort

Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished.

Handles are removed.

Flares of assistance are launched.

Cosmics come to the rescue for the I AM willing.

Spectaculars from Volcanics surface.

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A Open reply to David Wilcock's Coast to Coast AM interview on Antarctica

By American Kabuki

Thank you to Denice for the transcription.

Partial Transcript of David Wilcock and Jimmy Church

“There’s a whole world of 35 levels above the president: Cosmic Clearance. Cosmic Top secret. The president is not given information because if there was a truth and reconciliation commission, the president would “sing””

This section is highlights.


DW: The context is this: we have been dealing for 100 years with a hijacked financial system in which the European elites were handed over our financial system. Value of dollar decreased by 97 percent over those last 100 years. The money is based on nothing. It is the global reserve currency. Very important part of the Antarctic discussion: it is not a world wide conspiracy. There are plenty of people in the world who are pissed off at the cabal.

Terran: There are many factions, the Bush/Clinton/Texas Camp (Operation Paperclip and SSP), The Rockefeller Fossil Fuel group, The Rothschild banking and Nuclear energy factions, the Chinese Dragon family (and Chinese SSP) from the Qing Dynasty.  ALL ARE INVOLVED IN BANKING AND THE MOTHER OF THEM ALL IS THE CHINESE DRAGONS.  

The other factions are just other faces of this same system.  Sometimes opposiing, sometimes cooperative. The Chinese Dragon were always the ones behind the banking systems even prior to the Rothschilds becoming the Occidental face of the banking systems.

Banking, even in its "fiat forms" was based on a value, (this is the reason for the "infinite accounts" mentioned by Ferdinand Marcos and Swissindo, the value is that of the original depositories, human beings, which was monetized through the birth certificate straw man, various other bonds such as court bonds, prison bonds, etc and kept at the secondary depositories called Central banks, undisclosed to those they monetized (and never paid a bit of interest too).  Its a form of enslavement of current and subsequent generations abstracted by paper, derivatives, stocks, or gold.  The underlying value has always been human beings.

24:00 The international alliance was strongly activated after 9/11. It was an occult act done for a specific reason.  To bring in the Patriot Act..  The cabal controls the press, movies, news, print media. The alliance works behind the scenes to bring down the corrupt cabal.

Terran: References to the Cabal, are actually a group of Orion/Draco hybrids, carrying extreme genetic trauma after Orion civilization fell to the Draco empire. They were brought into the Earth sphere into Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly during the period Jewish exile in Babylon.   I think this perjorative term "Cabal" needs to be abandoned because of its linkage to the esoterics beliefs from the Kabbalah practiced by some in this group.  Its also slightly anti-semitic.  They are not always of Jewish beliefs, many are atheistic, Muslim, or even ostensibly "Christian".   Whatever cover works.

There is no actual separation in banking between the Orion Dracos and the Chinese Dragons/Dracos.  Its all the same banking system.  Any separation is only in the storylines trotted out to new age sources.   Outward appearances of these beings are different and that is by design to compensate for the xenophobic tendencies of Europe.

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